Economy Package



Economy Package



Economy Package



Best SMS Broadcasting System

Broadcast Your Message to Millions

All-in-One Communication Platform

  • Integrated marketing campaign: fully integrated with our crm, call center dialers, fax and email broadcasting under your palm!
  • Stay connected: build trust with real-time conversation. 97% of people watch the message in the first 3 minutes.
  • Keep business moving: convert leads by responding at the peak moment of interest. Better and faster communication
  • Send sms messages from our website: it’s web-based, easy to use
  • Message history: check status, and communication dialog for response to the message.
  • More leads under our platform: we can customize your marketing campaign and provide support to increase your leads and revenue.


Monthly Subscription-Business Silver

$ 35 /month

    $35.00 every month

    1,000 SMS Credit/3.5¢ per SMS

Monthly Subscription-Business Gold

$ 150 /month

    $150.00 every month

    5,000 SMS Credit/3.0¢ per SMS

Monthly Subscription-Business Platinum

$ 500 /month

    $500.00 every month

    20,000 SMS Credit/2.5¢ per SMS

Monthly Subscription-Elite Silver

$ 875 /month

    $875.00 every month

    50,000 SMS Credit/1.75¢ per SMS

Monthly Subscription-Elite Gold

$ 1250 /month

    $1,250.00 every month

    100,000 SMS Credit/1.25¢ per SMS

Monthly Subscription-Elite Platinum

$ 2700 /month

    $2,700.00 every month

    300,000 SMS Credit/1.10¢ per SMS

Pricing Comparison

SMS Broadcasting Total Credit(Per Month) Price (Per SMS) Cost(Per Month)
Business: Silver 1000 Texts 3.5¢ per SMS $35 USD
Business: Gold 5000 Texts 3.0¢ per SMS $150 USD
Business: Platinum 20000 Texts 2.5¢ per SMS $500 USD
Elite: Silver 50000 Texts 1.75¢ per SMS $875 USD
Elite: Gold 100000 Texts 1.25¢ per SMS $1250 USD
Elite: Silver 300000 Texts 1.10¢ per SMS $2700 USD

***Price per 100 characters text.