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Economy Package



Economy Package



Best Fax Broadcasting System

Cost-Effective Business Fax Broadcasting Campaign

Cost-Effective Business Fax Broadcasting Campaign

Our cloud-based technology offers simple fax broadcasting from any location around the world. Compared to email marketing or direct mail, fax broadcasting is a more powerful and cost-effective marketing solution for business owners. If you are serious about fax marketing, your fax campaign can go less than 1 cent (0.8¢) per fax page. With a distribution list of fax numbers and the right fax broadcast solution, you can send a fax to thousands of recipients with just a few clicks. All you need is your monthly subscription account and an internet connection to send your fax blast. Our support team will help step by step to starting your first campaign. No setup fee!

We are offering up to 70% discount for fax broadcasting where our competitors are offering 4.0¢- 5.0¢ per page. This is a limited time offer – sign up for a monthly subscription and take advantage of our affordable broadcasting packages today!

Why Us?

Easy setup, simple process, and quick delivery
No hidden costs – the flat monthly subscription fee
Full control over the fax broadcasting campaign
Real-time delivery and details report
Support team available upon request
Reliable service for mass fax broadcasting


Monthly Subscription-Business Silver

$ 25 /month

    $25.00 every month

    2.3¢ per page/1200 pages credit

Monthly Subscription- Business Gold Package

$ 95 /month

    $95.00 every month

    1.9¢ per page/5000 pages credit

Monthly Subscription-Business Platinum

$ 320 /month

    $320.00 every month

    1.6¢ per page/20,000 pages credit

Monthly Subscription-Elite Silver

$ 650 /month

    $650.00 every month

    1.3¢ per page/50,000 pages credit

Monthly Subscription- Elite Gold

$ 1000 /month

    $1,000.00 every month

    1.0¢ per page/100,000 pages credit

Monthly Subscription-Elite Platinum

$ 2700 /month

    $2,700.00 every month

    0.8 per page/300,000 pages credit

$ /month

Pricing Comparison

Fax Broadcasting Package - USA Total Credit(Per Month) Rate(Per Page) Cost(Per Month)
Business: Silver Package 1,200 2.3¢ each $25 USD
Business: Gold Package 5,000 1.9¢ each $95 USD
Business: Platinum Package 20,000 1.6¢ each $320 USD
Elite: Silver Package 50,000 1.3¢ each $650 USD
Elite: Gold Package 100,000 1.0¢ each $1,000 USD
Elite: Silver Package 300,000 0.9¢ each $2,700 USD

***Price excludes a 5% sales tax. Subscribers will be charged for extra pages based on their membership rate if applicable. Full-service fax broadcasting available with a $100 per month/order service fee. The seller has the full right to change the price at any time without any further notice.

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