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Economy Package



Economy Package



Best Customer Relation Management System

The Most Affordable Lead Generated CRM Right In Your Hands!

The Most Affordable Lead Generated CRM Right In Your Hands!

Our sophisticated, technology-based customer relationship management (crm) gives sales teams access to integrated tools that provide full viewership of a customer account. Your team can see the entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard in less than a minute. Make calls, run power or predictive dialer, send emails, sms/ texts, schedule meetings, update status/ notes, and view sales history all from one place—without logging by hand. Our software will segment and filter your leads in real-time, so you can stay organized and take advantage of your opportunities. When it comes time to close deals, you can do so anywhere because our crm has functions that are perfect for working remotely

Our fully integrated and customized crm is not only a user-friendly cloud-based software, with options to design in specific industries such as real estate, mortgage, insurance, healthcare, and more. We provide all the tools necessary to originate and manage leads, track, and improve performance, create reports for visualizing, understanding, and interacting with your data. It’s a complete platform right in your hands!

Why Us?

Most affordable customer relationship manager (CRM)
One-touch sales to grow your business under your finger
Customized crm based on your business model
Business voip telephone service under one platform
Integrated power, predictive and voice broadcasting call center
Email, fax & sms broadcasting facilities to boost your leads

Customized In


Try a VoIP phone system for your healthcare business that is economical and portable to ensure coordination among different staff members both in-house and those working on the field. Voice Pro LLC has the best communication solutions for the healthcare industry right here at your service.


Successful manufacturers and business owners commit to being customer-centric, which they carry through every interaction. Our technology based business phone and call center systems boost productivity and reduce costs by 40%. Please contact us for a custom design for your business.


Due to technology, retailers are experiencing difficulties increasing the sharemarket. Our solutions combine CRM, voice, meetings, team messaging, call centers, analytics, services, and tools into a comprehensive communications solution that enables retailers to grow.


With Voice Pro LLC communication solutions, government workers can handle their challenges by reducing communication complexity, integrating disparate applications, decreasing sovereign debt levels, and bolstering staff efficiency. Easy communication services help business processes all around the world.

Sports and Entertainment

High-performance organizations need to keep pace with competition and fans. Voice Pro LLC provides an excellent customer experience and a reliable, consistent entertainment experience. Our scalable, flexible communications are a must to keep the show running smoothly.

Mortgage and Banking

Whether you need a complete telephone service for regular banking, reminders, follow ups, mortgage loans, or lead origination, we have the right solution for you. Voice Pro LLC is also offering an exclusive call center and internet mortgage leads for loan professionals seeking consumers and leads.

Collections and Legal

Voice Pro LLC communication gives you and your colleagues the tools you need, no matter where your practice takes you or how you work. Important messages, faxes, voice, web meetings, and remote control can help you in court, on the road, and in remote locations to run business smoothly.

Real Estate

Whether you’re a solo real estate agent, work for an agency, or own one, Voice Pro LLC has the right real estate phone solution for you. We offer affordable, on-the-go packages for agents on the move and lead generation call centers to grow your business.


In today's fast-paced educational environment, your organization needs reliable, flexible communication to keep staff and students connected. Voice Pro LLC solutions enable students to communicate on their terms and enhances the learning experience to the satisfaction of all.

Call Center

Our cloud based software and service enables contact centers to operate more efficiently, increase the quality of every customer interaction, create new pathways to profit, and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth. We offer all types of call centers to built or operate.


Voice Pro LLC is offering outstanding phone services, fax, mobile apps, and web conferencing—as well as a call center for high-volume customer contact. Communicate effortlessly, with ready-made integration with Boomea and other softwares to provide the right solution for you.


Hotel guests are engaging with the hospitality industry more than ever before. Scalable, reliable communications are needed to provide the best customer experience to guests. Streamline your operations and reduce your telephone expenses by 40%.


Voice Pro LLC provides an excellent customer experience and a reliable, consistent experience in transportation including voice, faxes, web meetings, remote control, team messaging, and call centers. Our scalable, flexible communications are a must to keep the show running smoothly.


At Voice Pro LLC, we appreciate the value of face-to-face meetings. We have helped many of our recruitment customers screen candidates faster with video interviews and seamless communication, saving time and costs per hire while significantly reducing travel expenses.

Marketing can offer the best cost effective marketing plan for you to increase your revenue dramatically. We provide tools and technology including telephone services, call centers, data, and miscellaneous services to speed up the marketing process and momentum.

Travel Agency

Travel agents earn their keep based entirely on the quality of the experience they offer clients. A VoIP system can be a determining factor for travel agent success. It offers the ability to send text messages to promote services or give special offers to loyal clients, reply quickly to clients by getting voicemails through emails, forward calls and be in touch with clients even when not on the desk.


Basic CRM

$ 15 /month
  • $15.00 every month
  • 1 User/Web-based

Business CRM

$ 75 /month
  • $75.00 every month
  • 2-5 User/Web-based

Business Pro CRM

$ 75 /month
  • $75.00 every month
  • 1 User/Web-based

Enterprise CRM

$ 200 /month
  • $200.00 every month
  • 1 User/Web-based

Pricing Comparison

Basic Business Business Pro Enterprise
$15/month $75/month $75/month $200/month
Per User 2-5 Users Per User Per User
Features Basic Plus Normal Plus Business Plus
Customized Sales Pipeline Personalized Bulk Emailing (500 emails) Power Dialer SMS Broadcasting (2000)
Full Featured Mobile CRM Unlimited email templates Click2Call Fax Broadcasting (5000)
Account and Contact Management Sales goals & Forecasting Zapier Integration Upgraded Email Campaign (5000)
Email Integration with Gmail or Outlook Unlimited custom fields Up to 2 sales pipelines Unlimited Telephone Service in USA/ Canada (Basic Gold Package)
Lead Registration Lead Assignment and Routing Advanced Permissions Boomea Chat, Conference, Sharing, and Presentation
Lead Management Core Api Product Catalog Unlimited sales pipelines
Basic sales Reporting Data Storage Per User Lead & deal scoring Rules-Based Lead Scoring
Admin-only fields Workflow and Approval Task Automation Advanced Reporting Features
Public apps & integrations Private Apps Customizable Reports and Dashboards Opportunity Management
Public apps & integrations Private Apps Customizable Reports and Dashboards Opportunity Management
Campaign Management Calendar All Customized Notifications
Google Apps Integration Lead Distribution Enterprise Territory Management
Agent performance dashboard Sales Insights reports
Activity Reports Sales Orders

***Price includes monthly 2000 calling minutes, 2000 SMS/texts, and unlimited emails. Taxes, E911, and set up costs are extra. The customer is responsible for additional dialer calling minutes 3¢ per minute and SMS 3¢ per message (160 words). Unlimited calling plans are also available with $10 extra per month/per user.